Friday, December 18, 2015

Unity Stamps and AngieGirls

I didn't share my most bestest shopping goodies from our trip :)

I love these Angie Girl images created by Angie, love, love them…can you tell ;)
The girl with her head down reminds me of my daughter Kristy..they have the same hair style.
Then there is this girl holding the hot chocolate…I know most will say she is holding coffee,  as I don't like the taste of coffee, mine is holding hot chocolate ;)

See the girl sitting down reading the book. Now she reminds me of my daughter Heather..who loves to read.
And the girl with the long wavy locks with the hat…well, she looks like my daughter Ashley on her honeymoon…I have a photo to prove it, teehee

 I had placed this big order with Unity stamps quite a while ago and decided to get the free delivery, by getting them shipped to the border.
Great idea right…..
Well because this sale was so big, they didn't get shipped out in time for Wayne and I to pick them up when we went on our trip, last month.
They just happen to come in the day After we came home.
Not Unity's fault, I just thought that they would have been in, from how long they took from previous orders I had placed.

When we went on this last trip, I knew they were in and was so excited to pick them up.
Disappointedly they couldn't find my package :(
I was so scared that they had lost it, or shipped it back, as I didn't pick it up right away.
They knew we wanted to get back on the road…as we were there 6:00am.
They reassured me that they would find it, and I could pick it up on our way back home that Sunday.
I have to tell you I was pretty relieved when we got there on Sunday and my parcel was waiting for me :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day.
Being as it is Friday Night Scrapbooking I will :)

Tracy :)


  1. Those stamps are awesome!! The girl with the hat does look like your daughter Ashley!! Have fun playing with them!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. So exciting to get an order you waited for and that you love it so much! They do look like your girls too :)

  3. Fabulous stamps, great pictures. I don't get to the U.S. that often to have anything delivered there. I pay the S&H, some places are not too bad at all.


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