Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Snow, fudge and satellite down.

We had wet snow all day today. 
Even though it is beautiful, not the safest to drive in, I was driving a lot today. 
I had to go to the post office to mail off my Christmas cards...which most of them were leftovers from previous years. 
I sadly didn't get to make any Christmas cards this year :(
Before mailing out my parcel, I had to do some baking. 
Fudge anyone? 
Now aren't these containers so cute. 
I added these tags and wrote what the contents are on the back of them.
Wayne, Heather and I love Survivor and have from the first season. 
but got a scare when we couldn't get reception because our satellite dish was covered in snow. 
We had to go out and sweep it off....twice!
But survivor was Awesome tonight!!

Hope you all have a creative day :)

Tracy :) 


  1. I love fudge!! I am a Survivor watcher also. I was really pulling for Spencer to win though

  2. The snow is pretty but I'm much rather look at it than be out in it!! The fudge containers are so beautiful!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. the snow does look pretty, we have none, our temps. have been as high as 14 Celcius. I'm sure it's a green Christmas in SWO. Your fudge containers are cute.

  4. Your place and mine look pretty similar these days! Predicted we will have a white Christmas! Love your treat boxes! I watched Survivor too!

  5. The snow IS beautiful! Glad you got around safely :) those containers are SO cute! Where did you find them? Ugh, so annoying about the satellite! Glad you were able to watch the show though!

  6. Definitely looks like a winter wonderland, Tracy! Glad you were able to get around safely. Fudge? Yes, please! :)

  7. Could you send just a little of that snow our way! I really don't want a green Christmas :-)

  8. Those little tags on the gift boxes were so cute. What a nice way to package fudge. Also, glad the snow didn't stop your fun.

  9. I am new to Fauxbonichi, but have journaled in my Franklin Planner for years--I love your Youtube videos on the set up for the FB...I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies leftover from when my grandchildren were young and hope to use them up ...hoping santa will bring me the Luis book to the way--you can certainly draw, I think...;--)) hugs, Julierose


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