Monday, July 27, 2015

Fly Away…a book review.

I completed this book on Friday.

Did I like it?…it was okay.
I did like the beginning and middle of the story, it was pretty predictable as most of these types of books are, but it was an easy read and a good story.
What I didn't like about it was when the author went back into the mother, Cloud's, life.
I think she was trying to get us to sympathize with the mother about why she was such shitty mother.
It just made me mad and I was actually going to stop reading the book.
But because I was over half way through the book, and kept on.
I didn't sympathize with the mother, I didn't feel sorry for her.
Heartless maybe, but that is how I felt.

Also when one of the characters were recuperating, she had trouble talking and couldn't say more than 2 words….but then all of a sudden she could speak paragraphs….I think the author forgot that this character wasn't talking well in the page before.
It just seemed that the author wanted to just complete the book and tie up the ends.

Would I recommend this book, probably not.
Now to my next book…I have a stack of them to get through in the next few weeks :)

Hope you had a creative day and you were able to prop up your feet and enjoy a good book today :)

Tracy :)


  1. I love to read but mostly horror or mystery. Great review though. I would have had to finish it myself just because I was too far in and always with the hope it would get better.

  2. Bummer it wasn't an enjoyable read, Tracy. Hope the next one is better! :)

  3. I hate when Author wants you to sympathize with a character that really doesn't deserve it.

  4. Sorry it wasn't a better read. I never leave the house without a book...never know when you might hit traffic and have a few minutes to read :) Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. Great review and next please :-)


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