Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crafting, nails and a new toy

We had rain, thunder and lightening most of the day. So I got a bit of crafting done. With what I brought to the cottage you would think I was going to a crop, lol.
Before we headed to camp though I had to take care of my nails. I couldn't stand looking at them any longer. My nails were very useful in peeling paint or crud this week at Ashley's house, lol. :P
But now look how pretty and sparkly they are. I channeled my inner stripper with this polish, lol. 
Because the weather was kind of crappy, Wayne was thinking of us heading home. He said we could help Ashley unpack or do something around her house.
As nice as it was that he wanted to do this, my knees are still swollen and sore. 
But soon after the rain stopped, Wayne's dad Ray came over with his new toy.
Wayne had fun back dragging our driveway and playing in the crusher fines pile.
Yes we have a pile of crusher fines in the never knows when one will need them, teehee. 
Isn't it cute. It's so tiny.
Being around a family that has owned a gravel business for 3 generations with huge machinery, this is tiny. 
I think it's funny that a man would think this is a new toy when our toys are a circuit or cameo and a fraction of the cost lol.

I hope you had a creative Saturday and stayed dry. 



  1. Sorry to hear the weather has been crappy. That is quite the new toy! Hope your knees are feeling better.

  2. Lol, my hubby was just talking about "wanting" to use one to "even out" the yard! How jealous he would be! ;0)

  3. Nails look lush and much prefer my Cameo to the digger ;-)

  4. Your nails are lovely I need mine done, one is broken now (I babied it for almost two weeks) My hubby test drove Timberjack logging machines glad he got that out of his system eons ago. Of course he traded it for Fire Trucks lol. Now with all the rain and fun with the digger did you get to craft. I have only managed 1 card.

  5. I would like to drive that big yellow toy around! It looks like a gigantic version of something Jacob used to play with. I am jealous! I wish we had some rain and thunder. All we have been getting is sun....boring.

  6. I'm sorry the weather was bad.

    Your nails look great though. I hope the guys enjoyed their new toy :)

  7. I would have been the same with my nails! There just comes a point when enough is enough and you have to take care of them! Lol! I wish we would get some rain here :)

  8. Love your bag of markers. lol

    Your nails look great! I can completely relate. Mine looked like doo when we first got home. I haven't painted them yet but they're clean and tidy now.

    Hope you all get to enjoy Ray's new toy.


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