Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prom Night

Tonight is Kristy's prom :)

Here she is with her boyfriend Blake.
Doesn't she look beautiful in her dress....remember the dress dilemma?
Well this is the dress that she ordered on-line....good choice Kristy...even though you looked beautiful in the soft yellow dress.
But I think red is a gorgeous colour on her.

Kristy's friends all met at Hillcrest park for some group shots.
These were only taken with my point and shoot camera. Ashley brought her big boy camera, so I am excited to see how those turned out.
Here are Kristy's closest friends :)

Here are some of her other friends.
Ashley and I just loved to see all the girls dressed up in their pretty dresses.
They are all so beautiful.
But that girl in the red dress....stunning ;)
The photo shoot was short lived as it started to thunder and rain.

I hope they are all having a wonderful time at their prom :)

Tracy :0


  1. How fun! I remember when this was my girls. The girls all look beautiful. And Kristy looks stunning in her red dress. Good choice for her.

  2. As gorgeous and adorable as her gorgeous and adorable mum! You are right - she looks amazing in red, especially with those dark tresses.

  3. Fabulous photo's. Kristy looks stunning in her dress, and I bet her tattoo looked awesome! Love how Blake, had his red tie to co-ordinate with Kristy :-)

  4. She is gorgeous in her red dress! Beautiful hemline. I like that he is in a suit with matching tie - not a tux. Hope they have a wonderful time!

  5. your daughter is beautiful!! looks like she had a wonderful time

  6. What a beauty!!! And that red dress on her....absolutely stunning!!!

  7. Kristy is gorgeous! What a fabulous prom dress, after all that dress dilemma, it seems to have worked out perfectly!

  8. Your daughter is so cute and that dress is so pretty on her. What a cute couple they made..and loved that in the group photo with all those dresses they seemed to color coordinate with each other.

  9. Very pretty girl and very pretty dress. An exciting event.

  10. What an exciting time! How beautiful:)

  11. It's so funny, because when I was looking at that group shoot I was thinking, wow, Kristy really stands out! I know I've told you this before, but your girls, all three of them, are gorgeous. On the inside too ;)

  12. Her dress is so pretty. I like the front of her dress! Glad she found the dress she wanted. Looks like they all had fun! What an excited night!

  13. She looked GORGEOUS! Love the red dress!!


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