Monday, January 28, 2013

January Tag

One of my goals this year is to participate in making all of Tim Holtz tags.
I was hoping to do them last year...but did you see one from me last year?  Nope.
So far I am off to a good start, I completed them before month end.
Not much before month end...but I think its a good start for a procrastinator like me, teehee.

Okay so here is my take on Tim's Tag for January.
What do you think?
I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Now lets get into a bit more detail here shall we ;)

Here is a close up of the top of the tag.
After I cut my gears out, I realized, I think we were suppose to use the bigger dies.
Which I have, but I thought they were the smaller ones...oh well. Guess I should read instructions better, lol.

 Here is a better look of the bottom part of the tag.
I did use the same sentiment that Tim Holtz used on his, but I did add a film strip stamp as the background.

Used the distress ink on the tag after it was embossed. You know how much I love his distress inks. I use it like Mike's Red Hot...I use that shhhht on everything ;)
One tip that I really loved that Tim shared on his blog, was to cut your embossing folder in the middle on the fold, then you can slip your tag up through the fold. Ingenious.
I really like how flicking water, makes the distress ink make pools of colour.

We were to cut the gears out with grunge paper.
I got excited as I had some....then realized..nope I have grunge board. Totally different.
So what I came up with, was to peel apart the grunge board.
Not an easy task.
I had to cut into the the corner edge of the grunge board and then peel the heck out of it to peel it in layers.

I just picked up this pack of grunge board at Micheals for cheap...real cheap.
It also has letters and numbers in it, and that is what I bought it for.
I never thought I would ever use the squares, but I did ;)
Don't you love when that happens.

One of the techniques Tim shared, was to stamp on ribbon.
This wasn't new to me as I have been doing this for quite awhile.
But I kicked it up a notch by first stamping the tape measure with brown staz-on ink. then I took black staz-on for "January."|

 When that was all said and done, I then used distress stain and coloured the rest of the ribbon.
Here is what the ribbon looked like before I added any colour.

Lets take one more look shall we ;)
A few things I had to do different
I used embossing powder on the gears as I didn't have the product Tim used.
I used grunge board pieces for the arrow, as I didn't have the stamp he had.
I used altered grunge board as I didn't have grunge paper.
I used different metal embellishments (like the washer in the bottom corner).
I added a key to the ribbon...just cause I like to add embellishments to my ribbons ;)
But the idea is to try out his techniques. It isn't about making it exactly the same as Tim's tags.

If you have missed it I am doing a giveaway.
Go and check out yesterday's blog post HERE for all the information :)

I hope you all have had a very creative Monday:)
I know I have ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Tracy!!!!! I love your tag! It's beautiful. You are wonderful and very inspiring. So happy to have you in my life via youtube. Thank you for always sharing. Stay well and have a wonderful, momtaculous week! lol. hugs, Maria

  2. You did an awesome job! I participated in some of last year's tags, but not all. I decided to start again this year. So far I'm 1 for 1.

  3. Very cool! It is actually kind of fun to be creative to find something similar, but not the same! I cannot wait to see more of the tags! ;0)

  4. Your tag look so cool. Must have taken a long time to make with all the details. The small little key look so cute.

  5. Wow, I love it! I think it's gorgeous :D

  6. Very cool tag and just love all of the different elements you've used and especially love how the ribbon turned out.


  7. Beautiful! I love how you did the ribbon. Great idea to stamp it twice. I wonder if I have a measuring tape stamp (yes, it's true-I don't remember what I have).

  8. I like the way you stepped that up :) I need to get my own posted, thanks for the reminder.

  9. I like the smaller gears. They fit the scale of your project. Thanks for sharing the details on your project. It looks great and sounds like it was fun trying all these techniques. Such a wonderful hobby we have when our products can be used in so many different ways.

  10. This is really fabulous! I love the stamped ribbon, you did that really well! The whole thing looks fantastic!

  11. Great job on the Tag. I can't believe you peeled grunge board! I'm with you...ALL 12 TAGS this year. We'll hold each other to the task.;). Easily said when camping season hasn't officially started for me.

  12. You did an awesome job on your tag! I love the stamped and inked ribbon technique.

  13. I love it...the clocks, the gears...everything!

  14. Super nice and inspiring! I have done some of the 12 tags of Christmas in the past, but skipped the 12 tags of the year last year. You have inspired me to give it a try this year. Great job of using what you have in your stash!

  15. Cool tag!.I love the colors or colours (I know England uses colours, not sure about Canada)Blues and tans together are soothing to look at.I think the clock was a boost to the tag.Great job Tracy!.

  16. Great looking tag, Tracy. I love the blues and tan together.
    One year I made all his Christmas tags with my scrapping buddies.

  17. Hi Tracy! LOVE your tag, and the quote is PERFECT too. I'll have to remember that one! First I've heard of this round of Tim's tags, I'm sorry to say. I'm SO-ooo behind with everything I WISH I could do, so I just keep up as best I can. I'll check out Tim's link soon!... Have a great day! ~tina

  18. That tag looks fabulous! Someday I am going to sit down and try these too!

  19. I love the way your tag came out. Wonderful!

  20. Love it! One day I will play along with Tim's tags.

  21. Very nice tag Tracy and you are so right, its nice to have a "jumping off point" and then make it your own, tfs

  22. You rocked that tag. Looking forward to seeing your progress

  23. WOW!!!this tag is stunning,love all your amazing details,Fabulous work:):):)


  24. This is GORGEOUS Tracy! So smart to peel apart the grunge board ;) I don't understand about the cutting into the embossing folder though. Why wouldn't you just open the folder up and put your tag in there? Is that a dumb question? Lol!

  25. Tracy - this is fabulous - you did a great job with using things you had and made it your own. Wonderful. TFS

  26. Oh my goodness you have done a remarkable job. I agree that Tim's is an inspiration piece...Our should be ours with his influence on them!

  27. Gorgeous tag! Love how detailed it is!

  28. Hope you manage to keep up and get them all done, I wouldn't dare to commit but love what you have done and I'm tempted to give it a go, maybe I could with some of my SU stash.

  29. I remember reading this and thinking this tag was great. I don't remember commenting...

    I really love how you mixed it up with the ribbon and changed the color! That is so cool!


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