Sunday, October 16, 2011

Winner, winner chicken dinner....not really. Step two..stamping area.

Well firsts things first.
If you remember the post I did about Kristy's art and who was her inspiration. You all had the correct answer, it was indeed Andy Warhol.
So I put all the names in a bowl and got my hand model Heather to pick out a name.
So Jamie, if you could send me your address, I will get your goodies out to you.
Just remember it will take awhile as I have noticed that snail mail is in fact being delivered by snails lately.
  Now onto my project of the day.
I am still working on the cleaning/organizing of my scrap/craft room.
Honestly I really do think I need a bigger room. I have no idea how I am going to fit everything I had bought on our recent travels in this room.

This is my stamping area.
But it looks like my dumping spot doesn't it. Well that is because it has turned into just that.
 And with the magic of blog land, look at everything all neat and organized :)
 Here is a closer look at my messy stamping area :(
  Now look all nice and tidy :)
I have my $1.50 stamps hanging on the side with sticky hooks.

Sharpies and Bic's in the black containers.
Small ink pads in the silver hanging tins. Larger stamp pads in the middle of the peg board.
Clear stamping blocks on the left. Stamp cleaner pad on the right (which I hardly use).
Blue holders on the right hold my alcohol inks. The ones on the left hold sponges and felt pads.
The white wedges are my make up sponges I use for distressing the edges of my papers.
My embossing powders are in the white "swivel store".

I think I have covered everything shown here. Any questions just ask.

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.
I am sure going to enjoy my evening........Walking Dead is on tonight, YAHOO.

Tracy :)


  1. You have been a busy bee. Looking good and organized too. At least for a minute or two.
    I actually finished 2 layouts and 2 cards. I got my floors mopped too.
    And I found Harlee's missing Leapster. Gave it to Nic last week, while Harlee was on my IPad.
    Have been looking for it ever since. It was under the little stool in the bathroom, I have for them. I don't think he wanted Harlee to have it back.

  2. What a beautiful hand model you have there! Congrats to Jamie :) Once again your space looks amazing! I love your cabinets. I have all open storage, I wonder if that's why I think my place is such a mess! LOL!

  3. I like the peg board that you have to hang everything on. I like the hooks that you hang your little stamps on. I may have to steal that idea. I have so many of those little stamps that I use....well, collect, mabye if I had them in plain view I would actually use them.

  4. Now show us where you dumped all this stuff in order to take the pic ;)

  5. great space! love to see where you create!

  6. And yet your messy space looks WAAAAY better than mine! LOL!! BTW, LOVE the red pegboard - and of course it's red. :^)

  7. Love your stamping space. My crafting storage area is a mess but I would rather craft that clean it up. :)

  8. Nice space - well organized! Congrats to Jamie!

  9. Congrats on getting your space organized and to Jamie for winning.

  10. I wish my space was so organized! I'm staring at mine right now saying, I should clean it...but am so not in the mood to do it!

    Congrats Jamie!

  11. Wow what an amzing space but how will it look after an hour? lol

  12. Tracy,
    You have been busy, but it sure does look nice
    Hugs, Stacy

  13. yay for clean studio space! It looks fab!

  14. Wow, wish I had a separate area for stamping like that. Wonderful, love the red pegboard!

  15. Ah ha! That's the part of your room that I was thinking of! It looks nice and clean now. I didn't realize you had pegboard. I so heart my pegboard. Now I dare you to retake the pictures with the doors open 8D

  16. love it! I am looking to reorganize as well. every surface looks like your stamping desk unfortunately LOL It's really bad!

  17. Oh wait! I knew that one! But I never entered. Congrats Jamie!!!!


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