Saturday, September 24, 2011

I want to Reply :)

I really love to reply to all your comments that you leave me on my blog.
But not everyone has a mundane life like mine and can post daily ;)
So I can't reply back, I don't want to fill up your comment section. Or sometimes the comment you leave me is kind of personal and I want to reply to you personally, but there in no email for me to send my message to.

So the Wonderful Etta at Fiddle Dee Dee gave me permission to steal use her blog post for my readers, she is so sweet and so pregnant right now :)

If your blogger account isn't set up for e-mail, your e-mail address shows up as "noreply-comment at" Countless times I have been in the midst of composing some amazing response only to notice that darn return e-mail address. Other times I have actually sent the e-mail before noticing.

Etta has supplied photos as well.
I am using hers, because
1. She is gorgeous.
2. I have no idea how to post mine.

On your dashboard, look at the section under your name. Click on 'Edit Profile.'

In the box under the Privacy heading, you'll see a line that says 'Show my e-mail address.' Make sure this box is checked

Scroll further down the same page to the Identity section. The second line is where you enter your e-mail address. It doesn't have to be the same e-mail address you use to sign in to blogger. I actually have an address separate from my personal address that I use for blog comments.

See how gorgeous she is!!

Thank you so much Etta for letting me use your tutorial for my blog readers :)
So if you haven't received a response from me, please check your settings.
I do reply to every comment I receive.
Every single one of you, put a smile on my face when I get a comment from you.
And the least I can do is respond back. There are a few that I can't because for some reason, I can't get to your blog when I click your name. So at least this way I can respond to your comment :)

This part I added after getting Just Jamie's email. Just to clarify, I always and still will leave a comment on your blog (as I love to visit you all). This is only if I want to leave you a private message or respond directly to your comment :)

Onto My Day:
I started working on a mini!!!
It is a Halloween mini I am doing for a swap. But I ran out of some paint colours and had to make a trip to Michael's. So that set me back.
Then my SIL stopped by for a visit when she brought Heather home from work. They both worked today.
Now Heather, Wayne and I are watching Castle. I have never seen this show before....we rented it. So far I really like it. I see another TV show added to my list :)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Okay Miss Tracy, I'm set up ;) I better not get any weird stalkers emailing me now. I know that there is a great joke in there but I will refrain.

  2. I have mine set up, but I appreciate the comments you leave on my blog much more than a "thank you" email =)

  3. Ah! I think I'm all set up and you leave me such lovely comments, thank you x

  4. Oh man, this happened to me when I first started my blog last year. I like to reply to everyone too and then I figured out that my emails weren't going through. I felt awful! I try my hardest to track people down :) haha!

  5. Ahhhh i have sent replys too that are lost in blog funny i think we all go throught that. I can't seem to reach some bloggers as their profile is private and i can't sad. Thanks for showing us the

  6. Ha! I had alwways thought that mine showed until I looked! Now it does. ;0)

  7. Oh, I might have to borrow this...I have so many people commenting with no way to thank them, and that does kinda bug me.

  8. Oh but I've never had that checked Dena mentioned, I'm always afraid of weird stalker emails! I guess I just always figured that if people wanted to reach me, they'd leave me a comment telling me how to get in touch with them. Or something. I should probably put one somewhere on my website that says it all spelled out like with the dot spelled "dot" or whatever. :-)

  9. I'm glad you got your father's estate in order. Ours is still on going...he has accounts in 3 or 4 countries! UGH! But we're chiseling away :)

    Great card - I need to do this! I have a huge pile and it's not getting any smaller! LOL!!

    Have a great Monday! xo


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