Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 1- Shopping Treasures

Sorry I am to tired to finish my Smash book page for the day, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
But I have some treasures to share with you ;)
I went on 2peas to ask about scrap booking stores near Fargo. And they didn't disappoint me :) They recommended K&Kraft's in Moorhead MN. It was a gem I tell you.
They had Tim Holtz goodies, Magnolia stamps (I bought all the Magnolia stamps they had, lol) and Copics. Good thing I brought my Copic Journal with me :)
Plus because of the amount of my purchase I got $15.00 off :)
 Then we went to Mall in Fargo. The girls were in their glory.

Then we ran to Hobby Lobby (I have never been to one) it was closed. Then we went to Tuesday Morning (I have never been to one) it was closed. But we did find a JoAnns and it was open. So I picked up some treasures from there.
Oh, in the mall I picked up this cute top. I also picked up this tiny brush set for the jeep. I hate when I fall asleep in the jeep and then have a hair ball in the back of my head, lol.
We ran to Target and I picked up this adorable purse and the moccasins. Mine at home are falling apart. Neat thing about these ones, is that they are booties, perfect for winter.

 Oh look its the Mississippi River!!!!
Can you see it????? Me neither :(
This is how most of my photos have turned out on this trip so far.
Funny story, Hubby was telling me that MN is "Land of 10,000 lakes" Funny he says I don't see to many lakes.  Then he exclaims "There's a lake"
My reply "I think that would be considered a swamp".
Hubby " Well we'll give it to them".    "Oh there is another lake". 
My reply "That is definitely a swap".
I guess you had to be there, lol.

Hubby says I don't think we will be getting any shopping in tomorrow. I just looked at him.
He said "Ya Ashley would end up shopping in a gas station if there wasn't any where else."
Funny thing is, it is so true.

Well we are off to bed now as we are planning on being on the road at 6:00am. That is just a crazy hour to be up, for me any way. We are planning on getting to Havre MT.

Hope you had a creative Saturday



  1. You had quite the productive shopping day. I spy the Tim Holtz clock that I used on my one layout. The top is darling.
    You will be pretty close to Great Falls, once you are in Havre. That is about 1-1/2 hours north of us.
    Did you figure out where you would end up in MT?
    There is a terrific LSS in Helena-The Memory Trail-3385 Colton Drive Ste A, Helena
    Have a safe drive tomorrow.

  2. I hope you get to go to Hobby Lobby at least once. They're closed on Sundays though!

  3. Cracking up that she would shop at a gas station....I can relate! I love to shop on vacation!!! Love all the goodies! So fuN!

  4. oh looks lilke a fun trip! lot and lots of goodies!!!!!

  5. Love all the goodies! And your hubby just described me in regards to shopping. :-P Can't wait to see your upcoming posts about your trip. Take care! :-)

  6. I love that you find a way to shop for crafty goodies when on a trip. My kind of gal! Too bad Hobby Lobby wasn't open, maybe you'll find another one while you're on your trip (ps they are closed on Sundays)

    My girls are the same way, even at 9 and 4 about shopping. They feel the need to BUY even at a gas station. LOL!

  7. That's a lot of goodies! I have to say I'm kind of surprised that you are able to find colors in stores that you don't already have LOL. Michael's has ONE color that I don't have and now that they have an awesome coupon plus I've got $5 off membership coupon I think I'm going to pick it up just because :-)

  8. Oh wow Tracy love all your scrappy stuff! When I am on vacation I scope out all the scrapbook stores along the way! I have a business card from all of them along with pics of course and I have smashed them in my junque journal! So fun! Looks like a great trip so far!
    Travel safely!

  9. you did a good job shopping!! enjoy!!

  10. Looks like you found some awesome stuff at the Joann's, ours is really crappy and we're lucky if they have anything, let alone something new on hand. It's been over a weeks since I ordered a Cricut cartridge from them. The HL's are funny, close at 8 pm and not open on Sundays. The nearest ones to me are all an hour away, so I don't get to them much and so is the only Tuesday Morning. Both are cool places. Your hubby may never let you in one again! ;^)

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  11. so glad u had fun shopping here.. I'm in fargo.. too bad we cudn't hv met up at k and krafts.. it's a great store! hugs bonitarose

  12. Shop shop shop, a girl after my own heart. I love shopping when we go places too. To me, that is the funnest thing :0) Hugs!

  13. Have a wonderful trip girls and guy. LOL Love all your goodies. Thinking of you.

  14. happy sunday hope u had agreat time...great buys.. thanks for sharing..

  15. Shopping is the best part of vacation!!

  16. Got some great goodies I see! So jealous that you are headed to Montana. Haven't been there yet, but had a wonderful time shopping when I was in Fargo too. :) Can't wait to see more of your travels (and shopping!). :)


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