Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Balloon girl and a Proud Tuesday

                   You may have remembered this image I coloured from a while ago. I was trying to get the balloons transparent.
Well I had a goal to take the images that I had coloured and put them to use. So I decided to put this one on a card.
   Here is a closer look at the coloured image, which I did with my Copics.
I heat embossed the sentiment.
 I used one of Martha Stewart's deep edge punch.

Today Ashley had to pick up a card for a girl at her work. I told her I had a few cards she could choose from. She told my she wanted one with a half naked guy on the front.....Sorry I don't have any of those.
Note to self, make some half naked guy cards, lol.

I haven't started on my He-art Journal challenge page yet. It is "The Girl in Me". I have to hand draw. Hand draw, I can't do that. I asked Heather (the real artist in the family) if she would do the drawing for me and I would colour it.
Know what she said to me "No mom, its your challenge, YOU have to do it". Remind me again, why did I teach my kids right from wrong, It just blows up in my face, lol.
I do have an idea on what I want to do....I just need to learn how to draw first ;)

Proud Tuesday:
I made a blueberry cheese cake with some of the berries I picked from the weekend.
I organized some papers.
I only drank one small glass of pop today :)
I cleaned out my email's.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. I remember when you colored that image, I thought those balloons looked so cool! I love that punch too! I'm struggling with this weeks journal too. I CAN'T DRAW! AAAAHHHH!

    As for the little pails and your Michael's not selling them 50% off all I can say is your Michael's must suck. LOL!

  2. Are you feeling better today? I hope so!!!
    I like your card very much!! The balloons, especially.
    Good luck with your art journal--I can't draw either. But my daughters can. They sure didn't get it from me.
    Your blueberry cheese cake sounds wonderful--yum,yum!!!!

  3. I am totally in love with this image. I remember how you described how you got the balloons transparent. Hmmm, I think a video tutorial should be in order. You always make the best tutorials. I've used so many of your techniques. The card came out great. Make sure you save it for someone special.

    Can you send me some of that blueberry cheesecake? Yummy!

  4. Half naked guy?? Hilarious! Love the card! Awesome coloring!

  5. How did the cake turn out?! Are there leftovers?! Damn, I'm drooling just thinking about it

  6. The shadowing on that card is just beautiful. What's neat about the Copic colouring (I put the "u" in for you) is that you can look at the image for quite a while and keep seeing new things. Just by tilting and turning the card. Does that make sense? Probably not.

    Today I was a sweet and understanding wife, and asked lots of questions about hubby's new job. And I made him a lunch to take with him. I am proud of that :).

  7. what a cute card!

    oh i would love a slice of your cheesecake! heheheheheh

  8. Beautiful coloring! Love those balloons. I'm proud that the ladies liked the cards we did at card class on Tues.

  9. HI Tracy! I haven't been around at all, because school starts (TODAY! The kids come in this morning!) Your card is really cute & I am going to catch up and plus revive my poor lonesome blog...very soon!

  10. Your card is really cute♥. Love your colouring, it is awesome♥

    Hugs Marita♫♫

  11. This is an absolutely adorable card! I love it!

  12. Very cute card! The balloons turned out great. Homemade cheesecake with fresh blueberries sounds divine!

  13. Great card, love the punch and the balloons look amazing!

    That cheesecake sounds amazing!

  14. Very cute card - I love the border punch you used! Speaking of blueberries, I made a zucchini blueberry bread over the weekend. Sounds like a strange combination, but it was very good!

  15. The balloons turned out great!

  16. The card turned out fab! Love that punch. I've had my eye on it. One of these days...... :)

  17. Tracy, I am sure that whatever you draw, it will be fabulous! Love this card, and the baloons came out great! I esp. love the way that you can just see that purple one through the rest! What- no naked guy cards in stock! For shame! (I dont have any either). Oh well! Have a great Wednesday! -Amanda

  18. Hi Tracy,
    Mmmmm I could just eat some cheesecake, good luck with your drawing, I wouldn't know where to start. Love your cute card, the image is so sweet.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  19. Once again - BEAUTIFUL coloring. You did a GORGEOUS job on making those balloons look transparent. LOVE it. LOVE it, big time!

  20. love the crads .. the coloring is great thanks for sharing.. and the inspiration you give to all... keep up the great work...


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