Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Perfect Marshmallow

This is the perfect marshmallow.
Toasty Roasty :)
There is a technique to getting the perfect marshmallow. And I am proud to say that I have accomplished just that ;)
Believe me, over the years, my older brother has eaten many a burnt to a crisp marshmallow helping me master my technique :)   Thanks Darrell.
 Wish I was still sitting around the camp fire enjoying the warmth of the fire, as well as the conversations we all share.
I love fires so much, I have actually put two chairs together, lay across them and took a nap beside the warm fire.
 Friday night when we got to camp, Hubby went for a swim. The water was beautiful.
Saturday, it poured most of the day, so no soaking up the sun or dipping my toes in the water :(
Hubby back dragged the driveway and widened it a tad.
If you look closely you can see it is pouring. I was inside taking this photo, lol.
 The rain did slow down later, so Heather and I went for an hour walk.
Hubby bought me hiking runners and I love them. No matter how wet the grass is, my feet are completely dry.
Heather on the other hand only wears Converse. Let me tell you they were so soaked, you could hear the water sloshing and squishing with each step. When I told her that my feet were completely dry, she informed me that she wanted a pair as well :)
As you can see, she didn't want me to take her photo :)
The weather stayed nice enough for us to burn the brush from the trees that we had cut down. Plus we enjoyed a fire.
I did get to colour a few images. And came to find out that I need some more Copics :)
We left camp/cottage early as Heather had to work :(

Hope you all  had beautiful weather and enjoyed your weekend.



  1. Hi Tracy, your marshmallow makes me hungry...looks delicious. Glad you expereienced awesome weather. It is super hot here in Texas as usual. ~Shen

  2. Ahh, that is the perfect marshmallow, indeed!

    Gotta love dry feet...and shy

  3. Yummy! That, my dear, is a perfectly roasted marshmallow! :-) I think I enjoy gazing at a campfire more than I do watching t.v. Have fun shopping for Copics!:-)

  4. Ha! We have been roasting and toasting over fires the past couple of days as well! We are also clearing brush and dh is making trails in our yard. He is the master roaster of marshmallows! I learned from him, and my Mya seems to take after him! Yum!

  5. oh i love toasted marshmellows-mmmmmm

    have fun buying more copics!!!

  6. That is a yummy looking marshmallow.
    sorry you had rain and not sunshine.
    It was birthday celebrations here and back to work this morning for a couple of days.


  7. Tracy,
    Yummy looking marshmallow! Sorry your weekend was rainy! Ours was HOT!

  8. The marshmallow looks yummy! Glad you got away for a few days.

  9. That marshmallow looks perfect. Toasted marshmallows are my favorite treat. I am convinced I will need more copics until I have them all. :)

  10. Perfect marshmallow - looks yummy!

  11. Tracy,
    Your marshmallow does look yummy but I admit I kind of like mine a little on the burnt side.
    Sorry you all got rain

  12. Definitely looks like the perfect marshmallow!
    Mine are usually hit or miss :)

  13. That looks like the perfect marshmallow to me! I could so go for one right now!

  14. That IS the perfect marshmallow! Looks like you are enjoying your summer! Can't wait to see your bonfire pics in a layout!

  15. It sounds like an almost perfect weekend! Have you tried the chocolate marshmallows? I have not tried them roasted, I save them for my fudge.

    It can be really peaceful & calming to walk in the rain. There's just something about that. Sounds like you got a good pair of walking boots for the rain!

  16. I suddenly want marshmallows LOL!

  17. That marshmallow does look perfect! You'll have to share your secret. Mine always catch on fire! Hope you have better weather this weekend.

  18. Your camp is so beautiful. It must be especially gorgeous in the early fall.

    By the way, you can never have enough copics unless you own all 346. I am currently working on my E collection.


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