Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Duluth

Very short post today.
I can't upload/down load any photo's as my camera is vibrating again. Yup I guess I need a new camera.
So I will share some pics from our trip to Mall of America.
Here are Kristy and Heather. We love video games and the girls say that Kristy is Luigi, Ashley is Mario (she had to work so couldn't join us :(   )and Heather is Yoshi.
 Sharon and I in front of the Rainforest Cafe.
I have never ate here, but love the front display. It is so cool.
Here is the Harry Potter Lego displays I was telling you about. I am blown away by the things they make with these Lego's.
 Aren't they so neat.
Onto My Day:
Because it is so hot, we decided to skip the Zoo and drive to Duluth. The temps in Minneapolis was over 100F. It was 34C here in Duluth. I am not complaining. I really don't mind this heat, its better then -40C.
On the way (for the last few years) I have seen a billboard with a scrap booking store advertised. The Pine City Scrapbooking Co.
Hubby would never turn off the highway, because...well he is our "Time Nazi" and it would take us off course, lol.
So I told the girls that no matter what you want to do, or where you want to go, just tell me and we will go there.
So I decided I was going to finally check out. It was awesome!!!

Because it was in a small town, Pine City, I didn't really expect to much. Wow was I wrong!!!
It had more supplies then Archivers. They had Graphic 45, Greeting Farm, House Mouse and so, so much more. I was so overwhelmed. They even hold scrap booking retreats there. They showed us around to where they hold the retreats. I was so impressed.
I will be going back to this store again.
We came into Duluth, found a hotel, went to Miller Hill Mall, hit Michael's, Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

So we are heading home tomorrow morning.
I will get Sharon to repack the jeep with all our treasure's. I tell you, it sure is nice having a Tetris master to pack up the jeep :)



  1. What a fun trip! That scrapbook store sounds amazing!

  2. Bummer about the camera. I was on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco once and started having major problems with my camera. I had to buy a disposable one, but I ended up getting the most favorite photo of the trip with it. That's great you finally got the opportunity to visit that one scrapbook store and it turned out to be a fantastic find!

  3. Looks like you are having a good time. Thanks for trying to email me. If you could when you get home that would be great. Want to try Copics but have no idea where to start lol.


  4. Your girls are so cute, bet Ashley wishes she was there. Then again, she would be missing her boyfriend :) I've never eaten at the Rainforest Cafe either, but it DOES look cool!

    One of the best stores I ever went to was in a small town like that. I hope you show pictures!! Have a safe trip!

  5. Wow, that scrapbook store sounds great! Have a safe trip back!

  6. Awesome LSS find! I love that! Those Lego Harry Potter displays are awesome!

  7. Love the stuff they can make with Legos and isn't Rainforest Cafe the coolest too?!!

    And since I didn't get to reply to yesterday's post, next time they (Archiver's) want a Phone #, just give them cell numbers, assuming your daughters all have them. We have a Joanne's here, but they don't even carry half the stuff that's supposed to be on sale in the flyers, let alone any other good stuff.

  8. Great pictures of the girls! Glad you're enjoying your time together!

  9. That triple decker bus is SO cool!

  10. Love the photos. My husband is the exact opposite. He loves taking shortcuts that take us an hour or more out of our way.


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