Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blogger Friend and a Challenge

Hello Caroline 

Remember I had mentioned that I met a new friend/blogger at the Crop & Create event.
I had just happen to wander on her blog and from her content, knew she was from Canada.
After messaging back and forth, I come to find out that she is from MY town…how cool is that!!!
We were both excited as we were both going to this event, then we could meet.
She didn't recognize me at first (as she thought I would be taller)…that is a new one to me, lol.

After chatting back and forth, we have been to a few crops at the same time, and didn't even know it.
It was odd that I didn't remember her, as I visit all the tables just as much as I work on my projects when I go to a crop :)

We chatted quite a bit at the crop, while we were shopping, creating and waiting in the "make and take" lines.
I come to find out that Caroline is interested in art journaling, but hasn't taken the plunge yet.
I have done and completed an art journal book (Heart Journal) but it is more in a scrapbooking style rather than a mixed media style.
I have purchased mixed media supplies over the years, but have yet to put any to paper.
So I suggested that we challenge each other to do a page…to at least start.
Caroline suggested we have the theme of Fall/Thankful.
And we have a month to complete the page.
I have a lot of ideas…but now to learn how to use the supplies and put my ideas onto a page.
Wish us luck :)

I still haven't taken any photos of my pages from this last weekend :(
Soon, I promise…soon.

Tooth adventure:
I woke up to my face even more swollen :(
It was tender, but not as bad as yesterday :)
So hopefully this new set of antibiotics are working :)
When I showed my honey how swollen my face was, he said he couldn't tell.
Couldn't tell!!!!! Seriously we have been married for over 26 yrs and dating for 4 yrs before that….does he even know what I look like!
But I do think the swelling is a bit less tonight.

Thankful Thursday:
My treadmill, as it was raining today
Friends and new Friends

I hope you all had a very Creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What to pack for a Scrapbooking Crop…and a video

Now doesn't it look like I am having loads of fun?
Well, I am :)
I am trying to perfect my packing for when I go to a crop.
I want to minimize what I bring while still being productive when I get there.
I think I may have come close to doing just that.

Every time I go to a crop, I prepare by making a list.
I love lists :)
This time I critiqued my list many times and wrote it down on my iPad, so I would always have a copy.
I am going to print this out and put it in my planner so I have it for every crop and I don't have to make a new list.

With list in hand, I used a big table to put my supplies out on.
As I pulled out the supplies, I checked them off my list.
Once I had everything I needed out and on the table, I then packed it in my containers neatly and organized so I would be able to find it easily when I needed to use it.

I made a video of what and how I packed up my supplies.
Luna made a few appearances in my video….such a little Diva, lol.
If you would rather watch this video on my YouTube channel, just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
Now onto the my tooth adventure.
I woke up this morning and my one side of my face looked like a chipmunk storing the its food for the winter.
At first I was too lazy to get up and check, but when I finally did, I was a bit surprised.
Phoned the dentist. They were surprised as well, as I am still on antibiotics.
Judy (the receptionist) got me in at the end of the day.
My dentist completed my root canal and put me on 2 differing antibiotics.
So hopefully this will take care of the infection, if not, I guess I'm getting the tooth pulled.
I hope that doesn't happen….lots of work went into this sucker ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making my own Page Kits

I had mentioned in a previous post that I tried my hand at making my own page kits.
I wasn't sure what to expect from them.
I was hoping it would make the process of scrapbooking a bit quicker for me at a crop.

I was right!!!
I completed…COMPLETED 10 layouts in 2 days, with lots of visiting in between ;)
I am lucky if I complete 1 layout in 2 days, so this was a major accomplishment.

I grabbed some 12x12 bags for each kit.
Then what I first did, was pick out my photos and get them printed up.
I then picked out which pattern papers, I thought, would go good with my photos.
I needed some card stock, so matched that up with my pattern paper.
If I had matching chipboard pieces or stickers then I threw them in the bag as well.
If I had letter stickers that I wanted to use for a title, I added them.
That was it, that was the base of my kit.

Most of my embellishments and some journal tags are in portable container, so I brought those, but didn't put them in the kit.  I am new at this kit making, so I wanted to keep it simple as possible for me.

I did a quick video to my kit making process.
I am sure I will get better at this as I make more of them.
Honestly though, even though I made 10 layouts, I only worked from 2 of my kits…I killed those kits
mind you….double happiness ;)
If you would rather watch my video on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
I was lucky enough to get a call from the dentist's receptionist today, and was able to get in so they could do part of my root canal. I am happy to say that my tooth has a temporary filling…so I don't have a hole in the centre of my tooth anymore….its the little things in life ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quick Gift Bags for my Crop & Create Friends

As most of you know I like to give a little something to my friends when we go to a crop.
Here is what I made this year with some sugary treats inside to keep them alert during this late night crop ;)

I was short on time for this one, so I had to come up with something quick.
I picked up these treat bags from the dollar store in the wedding section.
Very easy to put together….just fold on the creases and fold the bottom to secure it.

Add some washi tape to pretty it up and add some goodies inside.
Easy Peasy.

But then I got to thinking (as I was just about to fall asleep) I should use these speech bubble chipboard pieces to add their names to them.
So I jumped out of bed and went to work stamping the letters on the speech bubble pieces and adhering them to the containers.
And for an added bonus, using these chipboard pieces is a challenge I put on for my crafty friends :)

Here are all the treat bags lined up for their photo shoot :)

Oh what do we have here, a video on the finished treat bags.
I may sound a bit tired in this one ;)
If you would rather watch this video on my YouTube channel, just click the link "Tracy's Treasures24"
I have been having issues with my one tooth, so had a visit with the dentist today.
I LOVE the way they decorated their reception area :)

Luckily my dentist isn't the one described on this sign.
But I have to say, I wasn't excited to be there and to find out that I need a root canal, sadly, a root canal isn't new to me :(
Today I had to get my tooth drilled open to let the rest of the infection drain (so gross) and my appointment isn't until November….so I will be having a gapping hole in my tooth until then.
But onto cooler things….this display is Awesome!!!!

I hope you all had a Creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crop & Create Photos

Wow, I have to say that I had a blast at the Crop & Create scrapbooking event!!!!!
It was a bit difficult to get all my scrapbooking friends together for a photo, as many of them were either taking classes, out getting coffee OR shopping at the awesome in house vender from Winnipeg, The Scrapbook Cottage.
Finally I said to the ladies, we need to take some photos now before my hair goes flat, lol.
This was our group photo from yesterday :)
I was a bit bummed as most of my photos were pretty blurry :(
I take all of my photos with my iPhone, so next year…I may bring my "Big Boy" camera :)

I realized I didn't take many photos of my ladies, so took a selfie with Lynne and Sharon ;)
These ladies are rarely serious, lol.

This "Wonder woman" photo needs a bit of explaining ;)
I always wear Wayne's sport watch.
The reason, it glows in the dark, so I can see what time Wayne wakes me up with his snoring, teehee.
But I bought my pretty watch when I went on my trip to Winnipeg and wanted to wear it.
Guess what I forgot to do this morning…take off Wayne's watch, so I had a watch on each wrist, lol.
I never said I wasn't weird ;)
The funniest thing was, my friend Lynne asked me for the time, and I was looking around for a clock on the wall, telling them I swear there was a clock there yesterday….took me a few seconds to realize that they were messing with me.
I also never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed ;)

Last night we got serenaded by a Quartet.
How can you tell we are a scrapbooking group…look at all the ladies taking photos of the singers ;)
Mind you, I guess I am worse as I am taking a photo of the ladies taking a photo, lol.

I had a little chuckle at the text my daughter Ashley sent me this afternoon :)

I am happy to say that I completed 10 scrapbooking layouts…a record for me.
I also bought every kit they had available (except one, Lynne nabbed the last one)….another record for me.
This week will be dedicated to the crop and my layouts.

I hope you all had a Creative Sunday.
Not only was my day creative, but The Walking Dead is on….how can my day be any better.

Tracy :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Quick Zombie Love Layout

Just a quick (yah, right) post as I need to get my beauty sleep ;)

As you know I have been at the Crop & Create event all day.
It started at 8:00am and ended at midnight.
I of course had a blast.
I thought I would share my first layout of the day.
A very simple layout…but I wanted the main focus to be this awesome photo of my daughter Heather that oldest daughter Ashley took…this photo was taken quite a few years ago

I was excited to meet a new blog friend today.
I was on her blog and left a comment about a kit she was working from as she picked it up from last years Crop & Create event.
I had picked up the same one.
But because she had mentioned that this kit was from the event, I assumed she was from Canada.
To my surprise, I find out through our messages back and forth, that she is actually from my town!!!
How cool is that :)

I had noticed her at when I went into the store area of the event.
Funny as she said she was looking for me, but didn't think she would have recognized me, as she was looking for someone taller.
I had a good chuckle out of that, I must look taller on my blog…I like that ;)
We chatted quite a few times and during one of these conversations we got to talking about how we both would like to try mixed media.
So what do I suggest…..we should make a challenge to each other :)
More details on that in another post though :)

As it turned out, I met another local blogger and we exchanged blogs.
Plus I also met someone that ran the same marathon I was in.
I also chatted with a lady, who she came to realize I was at her house for a crop years ago.

But honestly, I really do more than just visit at these events ;)
Actually I got 6 layouts done.
And if you know me, that is probably a record :)

I hope you all had a very Creative Day…I did.

Tracy :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

All Packed Up.

All packed up and ready to go!!!!

I went out today to get my photos developed.
I always go to "Blacks Photography" to get my photos developed.
As I walked up and down the mall's halls, I finally realized they are no longer in business.
So I went to Walmart. I am not a Walmart shopper, but that is the only place I could think of that could develop my photos in an hour.
I was very surprised that as I had finished downloading them to the machine, that I was told that they were being printed already.
I only had to wait 15 minutes to get 65 photos printed and some of them were even 5x7…I have to say, I am very impressed.

After putting the photos into my kits, that I had made yesterday, I was worried I didn't have enough projects to do at the Crop & Create event.
So I went out again and printed off more photos.
I was chatting with my friend Sharon and told her that I don't think I have enough supplies.
I have never packed this light, and I am doing layouts this time.
Her advice to me.."If there is an empty pocket in any of your totes….fill them."
I had to laugh…especially since she is only bringing two totes (like the middle one I have in the photo) and this is her very first crop (besides the one I hosted).
I have to say, I took her advice ;)

I hope you all had a Creative Friday :)
Early wake up for me, so off to bed I go

Tracy :)